Should I rent or buy the furniture?

Every businessman knows this – furnishing an office means considerable investment. Besides these days enterprises are subject to constant changes in employee numbers, therefore they are constantly moving to bigger offices or expanding the existing one.
These challenges are easy to bypass by renting office furniture instead of buying it.

New age in furniture business

We are living in the age of share economy. The world is gradually turning towards a more sustainable consumption pattern where companies and individuals share goods and services beween them selves. We rent our apartments, cars, offices, bikes, tools… but for some reason still keep buying furniture.

Having created office furniture as a rental service, Orent has become the first and thus the biggest enterprise in Baltics to introduce the circular economy practice also in the furniture business. We offer businesses to pay only for office furniture that they use. Once they no longer need some or all of it, Orent restores these items and repeatedly rent them out to a new client for a reduced monthly fee.

A greener office

One of the main principles of circular economy stands for use of only those resources we really need - once we no longer do, they are passed on to the next person or company that does, thus ensuring a more sustainable use of natural resources.

Sad but true, but 90% of office furniture is disposed of even before its’ warranty period has expired. Just think about what impact that has on natural resources, if companies in EU spend around EUR 4,5 billion on furniture annually, in USA only the twenty of the biggest companies alone spend around USD 12,6 billion on furniture, let alone the rest of the world…

Of course, furniture that is rented is not made of thin air and they consume resources when being produced. However, rented furniture experiences second or even third lifecycle, thus saving resources for production of new one. Besides, most of the furniture Orent offers for rent is produced from recycled materials. In other words, that plastic soda bottle you disposed of today, one fine day will return to you in form of an acoustic panel or chair padding.

Who benefits?

Pretty much, everybody. Entrepreneurs, real estate developers and of course the environment. period all furniture remains the property of Orent, businesses don’t have to cover costs of their storage, disposal, depreciation and annual inventory.

Real estate developers are interested in offering furniture as a rental service because of a potentially faster tenant conversion rate. Their prospective clients no longer have to make large capital investment in order to set up a new office – the only costs involved is a fixed, predictable monthly payment.


In case you’re interested, please do send us a request listing all your needs and we’ll give you a quote. For more detailed information please visit our website You are welcome to get in touch with us via email: or contacting our Marketing Director Edgars Stanga via mobile: +371 29107897.