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We design, manufacture and supply furniture to offices, hotels, restaurants, resorts and other commercial projects

Who are we helping?
Architects / Designers
We will develop detailed technical drawings and make samples for approval. We guarantee that we will preserve your reputation even if we incur losses.
We understand that each project has a budget and exact terms, so for over 20 years we have been flawlessly fulfilling our obligations to customers and we are recommended by them.
General contractors / Developers
We know that the last stage of the project for the general contractor is the most stressful, therefore, choosing us as a subcontractor, you do not risk disrupting your deadlines and incurring financial losses.
Stages of partnership
We find and offer ready-made materials and solutions for the design and project budget
Project development
We develop detailed technical drawings, manufacture and provide the required samples
We deliver, assemble and clean the premises after installation
Case studies
About us

We design, manufacture, and supply furniture to hotels, shopping malls, offices, restaurants, resorts, and other large commercial projects.

We are leaders in the Baltic countries! For 18 years, we have successfully implemented more than 500 commercial projects. We always work on time and within the project budget.

We develop constructive drawings of furniture, making it easier for architects and designers to work with.

If you are looking for reliable professionals in furniture manufacture, we will be glad to help you in realizing your projects!
Meet our team
Mantas Petruškevičius
Interior Project Manager
+371 29 330 474
Interior Project Manager
+371 29 564 028
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