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Modular glass partition wall system

In order to seek quality and individuality architects and their customers more and more often choose wooden partition profiles. Warm texture of the wood creates cozy informal atmosphere in an offices that cans lead to more productive work. „B•order" is a new and universal product that is dedicated to A and B class offices. It is an ecological article with perfect aesthetic technical characteristics which is derived from trees as environmentally friendly substances qualities. This wooden partition system is a new product of the producer who has more than 10 years experience in manufacturing and mounting of partition.
versatility and sustainability
Together with partitions the doors that match the „B•order" profile system are being produced. They can be frameless, with wooden frame or wooden acoustic. Universal and aesthetic „B•order" partition profiles are made from glued wood which can be pointed in any colour or covered with natural tree veneer. They can be of different height, from 75 to 165mm. wide with integrated doors that provide the possibility for architects to form vertical and horizontal segments and create a room for self expression and unlimited creativity. „B•order" partitions have excellent acoustic features – till 45 db. Single or double glass with an air gap can be used in them. The bigger is the air gap the better acoustic is achieved. Glass can be laminated with special „Sound insulation" film.
limitless possibilities
One of main features of the partitions are their versatility and sustainability. „B•order" partitions are easy to design and they can be easily dismantled and adjusted in same new place in necessary. They are convenient to combine with other partitions made of drywall or bricks. Wooden partition profiles adjusting the desired width ted to other partitions without surrounds this way providing the interior visual lightness.
Stiklita Vilnius
In the field of manufacturing, design and installation of glass constructions for more than 20 years.
Glass products are manufactured for us using the most advanced and state-of-the-art equipment

UAB "Stiklita Vilnius" glass products are of especially high quality. This is determined by the choice of the right partners. Glass products are manufactured for us using the most advanced and state-of-the-art equipment, and is constantly renovated and upgraded. Therefore, in the shortest possible time we can offer a great deal of different glassware. The 22 years of experience in the glass industry make it possible to fulfill large and technologically complex orders. And their products meet all the essential requirements of the European Union norms.