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Official representative of NARBUTAS in Latvia

NARBUTAS office furniture is manufactured in a factory built in Ukmergė in 2008, which is one of the largest and most modern in the Eastern and Central European region. As the company grew and the number of orders increased, in 2018 we invested more than 7 million euros in the development of equipment and production space. With the implementation of this project, the area of the plant has increased from 29,100 to 36,600 m2, and the number of people working in it has exceeded 700. Further continuous investments in 2021 amounted to 20 million. Eur, helped to increase the factory area to 58,400 m² and ensure technological progress. The factory performs woodwork, manufactures and paints metal structures, cuts and sews fabrics, manufactures upholstered furniture components, and performs other operations. Therefore, we are able to produce a wide range of products - from tables, cabinets and seating to acoustic solutions.
In order to guarantee the highest product quality and increase production capacity, we annually invest in automation and robotization. By implementing the most advanced technologies, we ensure a stable and flexible production process and increase the speed of order production. We make sure that all the solutions we offer are well thought out and tested, and the quality of the manufactured furniture is constantly monitored. Our goal is happy customers, who are reached only by the highest quality products.
We have a responsibility to provide the best possible working conditions for our employees, with a special focus on their safety and well-being. The development of employees is important to us, therefore we encourage them to expand their knowledge of innovation and train them to use the latest technology. Modernizing the factory and innovating helps us create safe and comfortable workplaces that make employees feel secure.
The factory uses advanced equipment: HOMAG woodworking machine, ADIGE laser pipe cutting machine, ABB welding modules, IDEAL LINE powder coating line, KIKIS fabric cutting line, ATIKAS varnishing line, BACCI EVOLUTION JET five-axis sheet metal processing technology, TRUMP sheet metal processing technology. These devices allow automation of the main stages of the production process: laser cutting of parts, welding, powder coating, sequential stamping, fabric cutting, plate processing and packaging. In other words, NARBUTAS is a modern and reliable company that quickly produces quality furniture.
Our flexibility is ensured by a modern factory, which allows us to realize projects of different types and complexity. The multifunctional devices for the production of both large and small batches allow us to adapt to the individual needs of our customers and also to easily implement large-scale orders.
When creating furniture, we first think about our customers. We carefully analyze the needs of modern employees and global trends to make products environmentally and consumer friendly. It is important to us that the furniture is functional, high-quality and has an attractive design, and at the same time we make sure that our customers do not pay for what they do not need. Our design motto - nothing unnecessary.
NARBUTAS furniture is characterized by a stylish Italian design, subtle Scandinavian minimalism or cozy Lithuanian naturalness. The close cooperation of the product development and design team with well-known developers from Italy, Denmark, Japan and others helps us to reveal these features. Long-term work with international partners brings great results.

Our products not only receive excellent customer feedback, but have also been awarded in major office furniture competitions. 2021 The SOFT ROCK modular sofa system has won the German Design Award 2022. 2021 NORTH CAPE won the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021. 2019 This rating went to the TWIST & SIT sofa and the NOVA Wood conference table, which won the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019. 2016 the ARCIPELAGO sofa system has been evaluated and awarded the i-NOVO AWARDS 2016. Upholstered furniture CUMULUS won the Lithuanian design award "Good Design 2016", and the manager's furniture AIR Executive - "Good Design 2012".

NARBUTAS furniture meets the highest international quality standards and has certificates confirming this. The product certificate is a guarantee to the customer that the product is safe, durable and ergonomic. The products are designed by experienced innovation team engineers, who evaluate all safety and ergonomic requirements, test results for furniture and materials, and ensure that the products do not deviate from the standards.