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NARBUTAS is a Lithuanian-based company with a global outlook. We design and create furniture for the modern workspace, with the needs of the 21st-century employee in mind. We offer a variety of solutions and a dynamic approach to each individual customer. We are proud to call ourselves a company manufacturing modern, durable and functional furniture.
Manufacturing office furniture
NARBUTAS office furniture is produced in one of the largest and most advanced factories in Eastern and Central Europe, built in Ukmerge, Lithuania, in 2008. As the company grew and the number of orders increased, in 2018 we invested over 7M Euro into expanding the equipment and production area. This led the factory's size to increase from 29,100 m² to 36,600 m², and the number of employees to reach 700. The factory performs wood works, manufactures and paints metal constructions, cuts and sews fabric, manufactures upholstered furniture components, and carries out other operations. We are therefore able to produce a variety of products ranging from desks, cabinets, and seating to acoustic solutions.
In order to guarantee the highest quality of our products and to increase our production capacity, we invest in automation and robotization annually. By implementing cutting-edge technologies, we ensure a stable and flexible manufacturing process, increase the speed of order production. We make sure that all the solutions we offer are well thought-out and tested, and that the quality of the furniture we produce is constantly monitored. Our goal is to have happy customers who get only the best-quality products.
We take responsibility for providing our employees with the best possible working conditions, with a particular focus on their safety and well-being. The improvement of personnel is important to us, so we encourage to broaden their knowledge of innovation, and teach them how to use the latest technology. The modernization of the factory and innovation help us to create safe and convenient workplaces, therefore employees can feel confident.
The factory features advanced equipment – HOMAG woodworking machinery, ADIGE laser tube cutting machines, ABB welding cells, Ideal Line powder coating lines, and Kuris fabric cutters. These machines allow automation of the main production process stages: laser cutting, welding, powder coating lines, progressive stamping, fabric cutting, plate machining, and packaging. As a result, NARBUTAS is a modern and reliable company which quickly produces high-quality furniture.
The modern factory performs a variety of operations and realizes projects of varying complexity. Our flexible and multifunctional facilities are designed to create both large and small quantities, making us able both to implement large projects and adapt to the specific needs of our customers.
Product design
We have the client in mind when creating every product. We are aware of global trends and thoroughly research the actual needs of modern employees, to make our products environmentally and user-friendly. It matters to us that our furniture should be functional, high-quality, and attractively designed, and at the same time, we make sure that our customers do not have to pay for what they do not need. Our design motto is "Nothing unnecessary".
NARBUTAS furniture is characterized by stylish Italian design, subtle Scandinavian minimalism, or natural Lithuanian cosiness. Our product development team and innovation group constantly collaborate with internationally known designers from Lithuania, Italy, Denmark, Japan, etc. Long-term work with international partners brings great results.

Our products earn not only great customer feedback but also awards at the largest office furniture exhibitions.
High standards
NARBUTAS' furniture is built to the highest international quality standards, with the certificates to prove it. A product certificate guarantees to the client that the furniture is safe, lasting, and ergonomic. The products are designed by the experienced engineers of our innovation group. They evaluate all the safety and ergonomics requirements as well as the results of product and material testing, and make sure the products do not deviate from the norms.